Precor AMT 100i

Precor AMT 100i – Adaptive Motion Trainer

Sounds pretty exciting, and it darn well is, I can tell you. The Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer 100i responds to the natural motion of the user meaning that you can completely change your flow of movements and have a comprehensive, intense cardio work out without having to much as to push a button.  There are so many great (and many unique) features to the Precor AMT 100i it’s difficult to know where to start, so I’ve got a great idea – I’ll start at the very beginning (or try to).

Precor AMT 100i Features

  • Adaptive Strive Length – this seems to come out on top of many reviews as being the single most fantastic feature of the Precor AMT 100i. Why is it so important? Well, you can naturally adjust the stride length without having to fiddle about with settings, and in real terms, if Mr Keep-Fit is 6 feet 4 inches of solid muscle with a stride like a giraffe, and Mrs Keep-Fit is a petite 5 feet nothing with baby sized strides, it don’t matter . . . they can both use the Precor AMT 100i without having to change a thing. One size fits all with the Precor AMT 100i.
  • Dual Action – this phrase is regularly thrown about for everything from toothpaste to bathroom cleaner, but dual action in the Precor AMT 100i means that both the upper, and the lower body are getting a workout at the same time. Your arms are kept busy pushing and pulling ensuring the ultimate in total body engagement.
  • Stride Dial – what on earth does a stride dial do, and how can it help your workout? Right, pay attention, the stride dial on the Precor AMT 100i helps the user to see which muscle groups are being worked, which changes as you change the length of your stride.
  • Upper Body Handlebars – these move too, as you’ve no doubt noticed in the above video . . . you did watch the video, right? Anyway, moving handlebars are another great feature of the Precor AMT 100i.
  • Biomechanics – right, this is starting to sound a little technical now, we only want to know how the Precor AMT 100i can help us to get fit . . . well, this piece of super duper kit has been designed to accommodate users of all fitness levels (yes, even you . . . get up from the chair and fetch your sneakers), from 5% size of the female user right up to 95% of the size of the male user. Users of all sizes enjoy excellent stability, plus of course, freedom of movement, it doesn’t matter how BIG or how small you are.
  • Foot Pedals – have toe cups which really enables you to optimize your muscle involvement.
  • Console – the console keeps you well informed on how your work-out is going. It has different language options (que? . . . Si), has 4 re-set programs – Heart Rate, Interval, Manual, Fat Burner – and fills you in with lots of useful info – heart rate, speed, strides per minute, calories per minute, calories per hour, total strides . . . . plus a whole lot more.

  • Self Powered – the Precor AMT 100i doesn’t even have to be near a power socket, you don’t need to plug it in because it is self powered . . . how great is that.

You gotta’ hand it to ’em, the Precor AMT 100i is a fantastic piece of fitness equipment.

Walk, Run & Climb with the Precor AMT 100i

Yep, that’s what I said, with the Precor AMT 1ooi you can walk, run or climb your way to fitness (you can even go backwards if you’ve a mind to, and why not, it’s all exercise).  The variable stride length means that you can alter the length of your strides at will, the machine will change with you and you can enjoy a low impact muscle toning and cardiovascular work out as easy as pie.

  • Climbing strides – very short, vertical strides, just like you’re climbing the stairs works your quads.
  • Short strides – similar to those you use when you’re walking, also works the quads but there’s also a little emphasis on glutes and hamstrings.
  • Mid-range strides – are similar to the length of stride you use whilst jogging with extra focus on the glutes and hamstrings, plus a little bit on your calves.
  • Long strides – like you take when you’re running give you a full lower body workout, especially if you really work on pushing and pulling those handlebars at the same time.

The Precor AMT 100i can even help with your fitness when you are no longer able to jog or run, you know, the pounding of the pavement stuff due to injury or joint damage . . .  this baby can do it all!

Precor AMT 100i Conclusion

In conclusion, the Precor AMT 100i can make an incredible difference to your fitness and workouts, whether you are lucky enough to have one at home, or whether they are available at your local gym. Okay, some say it takes a little bit of getting used to in the beginning, but once you’ve mastered the art of training on the Precor AMT 100i you won’t want to go back to any other type of training equipment. You can even dance on it, or so I’m told . . .

Wow, these guys really LOVE the Precor AMT 100i . . . and you will too if you give it a try!